Life Image Interoperability Suite

Life Image Inc.

Life Image Interoperability Suite

We can help you orchestrate the flow of all clinical information, including image sharing across all delivery settings for a patient

Image Exchange Interoperability

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Image exchange, along with relevant reports (diagnostic, pathology, and treatment plans), are pieces of vital information that can help care teams and researchers make more informed decisions. Product solutions in our Interoperability Suite can be scaled-up quickly and sustained over time without a burden to your internal IT operations.

Life Image created the image exchange category when we founded our company in 2008. We are dedicated to promoting greater interoperability in healthcare.

  • Our Apps & APIs are based on industry standards.

  • No proprietary language forcing you to program around.

  • Vendor-agnostic tool. We dont trap you into proprietary systems.

  • With your secure Life Image-hosted Cloud account, you can seamlessly share diagnostic images and medical data to collaborate with referral sites, physicians, and patients.

  • Our on-premise application is an enterprise-wide workhorse that sits inside your institution’s four walls to enable image exchange and data sharing.

Life Image Interoperability Suite

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