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Patient Engagement Healthcare Marketing

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We Speak Patient:

Most healthcare decisions start with an intimate conversation between a loved one or a friend. Identifying the core truths of these conversations and the questions they raise is key to crafting a healthcare marketing strategy that engages patients in a language they understand.

Data-Driven Patient-Centric:

In todays vast media landscape, the average consumer is bombarded with over 6,000 branding impressions per day; and 59% of those messages are of little relevance to the end viewer. Getting your healthcare brand to shine bright amongst a sea of shiny objects requires a keen understanding of the target patient population and the online/offline media mix they engage with daily.

At LEVO Health, we create success stories for clients using a proven mix of patient-centric branding and multichannel healthcare marketing campaigns that link seamlessly with advanced patient engagement centers.

LEVO Healthcare - HealthCare Marketing Services