Lets Talk Interactive Telehealth Solutions

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Lets Talk Interactive Telehealth Solutions

Transforming the way you provide patient care


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Our mission is simple: provide technology solutions that help providers offer access to quality healthcare coverage regardless of local service levels to eliminate gaps in the current system.


  • HIPAA & Security:

It is built to meet HIPAA and other security requirements.

  • Business Continuity:

Our platform currently offers both Zoom and VSee, but more importantly, we’ve built a solid platform that’s flexible on video engines and seamless to switch. We will always offer you the best technology available and make it easy to transition over.

  • Scheduling & Launching Sessions:

We have built a simple, efficient process both for users to schedule and launch sessions, and for participants to join sessions. Our process works equally well in-home and medical environments.

  • Account Tools:

We offer tools to help you customize the platform to your needs and maximize your return on investment in your virtual office.

Lets Talk Interactive Telehealth Solutions