LeewayHertz Patient Engagement


LeewayHertz Patient Engagement

Deliver a seamless customer experience to convert first-time visitors into lifetime patients

Patient Engagement Engagement - Consumer, Member, Patient

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We develop custom patient engagement software solutions that deliver a highly connected and seamless experience from online patient registration to online visits, appointment management, post-visit feedback, and maintenance of EHRs.


Web-Based Patient Portals:

We develop customized web-based patient portals for a coordinated patient communication framework. Our healthcare software developers can connect patient portals with multiple EHR and PBM systems simultaneously while fulfilling meaningful use 1 and 2 criteria.

Patient Cohort Management:

We build patient cohort management solutions to stratify patients depending on their risk factors, using population analytics to handle patient outreach efforts and promote easy access.

Patient Engagement via mHealth:

Our patient engagement software development services also include custom mobile apps development to simplify the care delivery through patient-centric solutions.

LeewayHertz Patient Engagement