LeadSquared Healthcare CRM

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LeadSquared Healthcare CRM

Enhance patient experience and retain more patients using HIPAA compliant CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Patient Experience

Do you know anyone using LeadSquared Healthcare CRM?


Build a 360-Degree Patient Profile

Get to know your patients as people by weaving information together from multiple data sources. Access patient demographics, social profiles, behavioral data (activity tracking, conversation tracking phone calls, emails, text messages & walk-ins), medical & appointment history (supplied by them, and by fetching from your other caregiving tools).

HIPAA Compliance

LeadSquared CRM is entirely HIPAA compliant and leverages only HIPAA compliant cloud-based solutions to ensure patient data privacy and security.

Integrate Your Healthcare CRM With Your Main Care-Giving Tools

Get a single view for all your patient details by integrating LeadSquared with the other hospital management tools you use hospital information system, patient management system, appointment scheduling, healthcare call center, EMRs, and your patient portal. Uses APIs and webhooks to achieve bidirectional information sharing between systems.

LeadSquared Healthcare CRM