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Lara Health Remote Patient Monitoring

Lara Health remote patient monitoring unlocks a brand new revenue stream

Remote Patient Monitoring

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Lara Health Remote Patient Monitoring is a comprehensive solution aimed at enhancing patient care. This remote patient monitoring system presents a new revenue stream that supplements regular patient visits, allowing medical practices to earn $1,500 per patient annually without adding to the workload of doctors. By streamlining administrative tasks through built-in automation, healthcare professionals can allocate more time to patient care, which directly contributes to their earnings.

One notable advantage of this solution is the ability to unlock additional reimbursements that can be billed in conjunction with patient’s regular visits. This creates a significant new revenue stream for medical practices.

The care delivery automation integrated into the platform reduces the need for physician’s direct involvement, enabling clinical staff to efficiently engage in remote patient monitoring at a lower cost.

Implementing and scaling the Lara Health platform is straightforward, as it is designed for ease of use and can be tailored to practices of any size, accommodating their specific needs.

With a multi-care platform, medical practices can optimize revenue generation while minimizing administrative burden. The remote patient monitoring solution seamlessly integrates with other care models offered by Lara Health, enhancing overall patient care and experience.

The platform also includes integrated telehealth capabilities, facilitating communication between healthcare providers and patients through text, calls, or video chats with a simple click. This comprehensive communication solution supports the remote patient monitoring program effectively.

Lara Health offers digital patient programs that focus on patient engagement, ensuring compliance and continuous engagement between office visits. These programs have the potential to drive improved health outcomes on a larger scale.

The advanced billing engine provided by Lara Health simplifies the reimbursement process, automating billing procedures and reducing administrative work. This enables medical practices to easily scale their remote patient monitoring program and expand into different care models while maximizing reimbursement opportunities without incurring additional costs.

To further enhance patient experience, Lara Health provides patient-friendly monitoring devices that are familiar to patients and require no setup, pairing, or downloads. This ease of use makes these devices accessible to all patients, including those without smartphones.

Lara Health Remote Patient Monitoring

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