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As demand for services increase, healthcare systems around the world are coming under enormous pressure. Free your healthcare workers and administrators from menial, resource-intensive tasks, and enable them to focus on what’s most important their patients. Leverage our library of use cases for the retail industry to quickly start automating processes that are slowing you down and losing your customers.

Patient Appointment Registration

Learn how bots can help to automate and expedite patient registration and appointment-making.

Personalized assistance

Learn how bots can help you provide each traveler with their own personal travel agent, from booking process questions to modifying travel plans.

Instant results

Discover how our bots can provide you with instant results.

Multi channels support

Discover how bots can provide customers with real-time customer service on their favorite channels.

Processes streamlined

Discover how bots can help reduce the number of requests reaching your customer service team by up to 60%.

Deflect More Requests

Discover how bots can extract and read staff’s information to monitor and confirm attendance.

Complement with Human

Some requests need a human touch. Discover how bots help to prequalify and route complex requests to your support team.

Keep agents engaged and productive

Discover how our travel bots can allow human agents to focus on resolving complex or urgent issues, keeping them more engaged and productive.

Laiye for Healthcare

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