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Labviva Platform

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Labviva is an AI-powered digital marketplace that is transforming life sciences procurement by offering complete transparency into the supply chain. It integrates with existing purchasing software to provide actionable insights that enable informed decision-making. Unlike other digital marketplaces, Labviva allows purchasers to keep their current suppliers, contract pricing, and purchasing software, so that they can focus on driving science forward without interruptions to their research.

With Labviva, purchasers have unparalleled visibility into the procurement process and can discover a straightforward buying experience. They can choose who they buy from and how they do it, all while staying within compliance with purchasing rules. Labviva fully integrates into internal eProcurement systems and unites purchasing requirements with the need for scientific or technical information. It allows purchasers to preserve their contract pricing with preferred vendors, while eliminating the need for third-party fulfillment. It’s easy to add new direct partnerships without having to maintain separate catalogs.

The Labviva platform is designed to put products in front of more researchers by leveraging scientific context as the organizing principle. Potential buyers can search anyone within the system, and catalogs can be integrated into e-procurement platforms for a seamless buying experience. With no software to install, users can be up and running in weeks.

Labviva is a game-changer in the life sciences procurement industry, offering an AI-powered digital marketplace that provides complete transparency into the supply chain. Its seamless integration with existing purchasing software and internal eProcurement systems allows for unparalleled visibility and actionable insights that drive better decision-making. Its straightforward buying experience empowers purchasers to focus on driving science forward without interruptions to their research.

Labviva Platform

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