L&T Technology Services - Connected Healthcare

L&T Technology Services

L&T Technology Services - Connected Healthcare

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There has been a paradigm shift in the way care is delivered & there has been an increased focus on patient-centered approach & value-based care. This has forced the healthcare providers, including hospital systems, to transform their old systems, processes, and business models to a more connected ecosystem across patients, payors, medical device OEMs, and EMR vendors like never before.

LTTS, with its in-depth domain knowledge in healthcare, can partner with you to complement your efforts in improving patient experience in a virtual world, enhancing the efficacy of providing chronic care, and overcoming interoperability issues amongst a plethora of patient data sources.

Also, LTTS’s breadth of expertise in leading-edge technologies can help you enhance the clinical availability of your capital equipment, reduce your energy bills significantly, and predictive maintenance of critical hospital infrastructure.

L&T Technology Services - Connected Healthcare