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The healthcare system is moving away from a fee-for-service model to a model that pays for outcomes and value delivered. Direct Primary Care (DPC) practices, that charge patients a flat monthly fee for delivering primary care, are becoming popular.

DPC Analytics helps these practices use analytics to improve the quality of care. DPC practices can neither afford large-market solutions nor derive any meaningful value from them. DPC Analytics scales actionable data and performance improvement to the scope, dimension and budget of a DPC. With an integrated view of patient health data and key performance indicators, DPC practices can keep a tab on how they are performing and see which areas need their attention.

One major benefit of DPC practices is the perfect alignment of incentives. It is in the interest of physicians to keep their patients healthy. A complete understanding of their patient’s medical history combined with a strong analytics capability enables them to deliver quality care and an improved patient experience. DPC Analytics also helps these practices use data to share compelling stories on how they are improving patient health and differentiate themselves from other practices.


  • Better Outcomes

quality care with access to comprehensive patient health and performance data

  • Share Stories

Use analytics to share stories from practices on how patient health and experience are being improved

  • Reduce Costs

Analyze data from patient visits and needs to optimise resource allocation and save costs

KPI Ninja DPC Analytics

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