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Remote Patient Monitoring

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KORE for Connected Health offers a comprehensive range of technology solutions and services tailored for Connected Health applications. This unbiased analysis highlights the key features and benefits of KORE for Connected Health:

Streamline Implementation:

Overcoming Complexities: KORE understands the challenges that can impede the deployment of IoT healthcare solutions and hinder widespread adoption. Their expertise and support can simplify the implementation process.

Remain Compliant:

Regulatory Expertise: Real-time patient data transmission requires adherence to stringent regulations and a strong focus on information security. KORE has the necessary experience to navigate these requirements and ensure compliance.

Stay Connected:

Superior Coverage and Reliability: Monitoring remote patients and tracking mobile employees demands robust connectivity and reliable network coverage. KORE offers solutions that deliver on these requirements.

Visibility and Reliability for IoT Healthcare Solutions:

  • Comprehensive Solution: KORE recognizes that successful remote healthcare involves more than just connected devices. They provide a holistic approach, integrating devices, peripherals, platforms, connectivity, and logistics to offer a complete solution.

  • Managed Services: With KORE’s Connected Health managed services, they have the necessary systems and expertise to seamlessly integrate IoT technology into healthcare operations.

Data Telemetry Solutions:

  • Simplifying Data Telemetry: KORE understands the challenges of orchestrating data telemetry between patients, medical devices, and sensors. They offer data telemetry solutions that handle device management, BLE pairing, compliant-cloud services, and bridge the gap between end users and application providers. Remote Patient Monitoring and More:

  • Comprehensive Support: KORE offers a range of solutions, including Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems (mPERS), along with other IoT healthcare applications.

End-to-End Coverage:

Industry Leader: KORE is an established leader in the connected health field, providing Mobile Device Management, logistics support, device configuration and provisioning, compliance assistance, and secure, reliable connectivity. Their expertise ensures that every aspect of your IoT healthcare deployment is effectively managed.

KORE for Connected Health offers a comprehensive suite of technology solutions and services designed to streamline the implementation of IoT healthcare applications. With their expertise in compliance, connectivity, and data telemetry, KORE provides the necessary support to ensure successful remote patient monitoring and other connected health solutions. Their end-to-end coverage and industry leadership make them a reliable partner for organizations seeking to leverage IoT technology in the healthcare sector.

KORE for Connected Health

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