Kofax's RPA for Healthcare

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Kofax's RPA for Healthcare

Foster a better patient experience and boost productivity with a digital workforce

Robotic Process Automation

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Enable healthcare teams to improve patient experiences, streamline front and back-office work and dedicate more energy to real mission-critical tasks. Leave error-prone and time-consuming manual processes behind. Kofax Robotic Process Automation (RPA) helps healthcare organizations create cutting-edge solutions to address modern workplace challenges.


  • Reduce the Costs of Doing Business

Robotic process automation in the healthcare industry creates value. Complete the same routines with fewer payroll impacts and achieve savings of 25 to 50%.

  • Take Human Error Out of the Equation

Well-configured robots don’t make mistakes. Eliminate costly data entry errors and enjoy 100% accuracy in-patient records, billing statements and more.

  • Simplify Scheduling and Patient Follow-ups

Save overworked front office staff from more time on the phones. Common RPA healthcare use cases include digital patient scheduling and automatic email or SMS reminders.

  • Support Front Office Staff with Smart Robots

Automate the retrieval and storage of patient data across different databases. Put accurate information in front of staff in seconds and update records with ease.

  • Adopt a Stronger Stance on Regulatory Compliance

Use robots configured with role-based data access restrictions and improve compliance with regulations such as HIPAA with digital audit trails.

  • Easily Integrate Robots into Existing Solutions

RPA robots are platform-agnostic. Connect legacy healthcare solutions with modern software deployments.

  • Gain Insights into Improving Processes with Medical RPA

Analyze robot performance to enhance efficiency and identify opportunities for future automation efforts. Discover previously invisible workflow bottlenecks and develop solutions.


  • Process Discovery for Faster Automation

Start your automation journey by easily mapping processes and analyze the flow of data through your business. Identify the best opportunities for your digital workforce.

  • Intelligent Document Capture and Processing

Embrace a paperless future. AI cognitive capture robots powered by natural language processing make administering healthcare paperwork faster and error-free.

  • Bot Development Without Advanced Coding

A low/no-code platform empowers citizen developers within your organization to create purpose-built robots for particular tasks.

  • Real-Time Process Insights

Easily exercise robust oversight and see what works, what doesn’t and what to do to achieve the outcomes you have in mind. A dashboard offers “at a glance” overviews on performance and opportunities to identify new automation windows.

  • Streamlined Healthcare Inventory Management

Managing consumables and overseeing the supply chain is a challenge in healthcare. Build robots to analyze historical supply and demand trends and create models to guide future ordering.

  • Automated Documentation Generation

Compliance and good governance are essential elements to long-term success. Use simple tools to automatically create in-depth documentation on the process and function behind every robot.

  • Solutions That Thrive at Every Scale

Kofax RPA effortlessly scales to support everyone from private practices to major hospital healthcare systems. Leverage cloud computing capabilities to expand the reach of your robots or implement on-site solutions for rigorous security and control.

  • Human-Like Screen Interactions

Build robots that “understand” how to navigate the specialized software systems your organization uses. Skip expensive onboarding and training. Let robots handle these routine tasks instead.

Kofax's RPA for Healthcare

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