Kiddo Connected Care Platform

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Kiddo Connected Care Platform

Better health and care for children

Pediatric Home Care

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Kiddo is a connected care platform designed to deliver remote patient monitoring and clinical decision support for pediatrics. Our focus is primarily on kids at-risk who need a support system for proactive and continuous care.

  • Autism

  • Asthma

  • Diabetes

  • CVS

Without the reliable monitoring of our child’s key vital signs, it is hard to prevent, predict and prepare for the illnesses and conditions that life throws our way. Objective health insights empower parents to take actions at the right time and also lead children to develop healthy habits. Understanding your child’s treatment plan and managing it well helps to mitigate the effects of their condition in the long term. Kiddo helps you do exactly that.

We also deal with the following technologies :

  • Remote Patient Monitoring

  • Clinical Decision Support

  • Caregiver Coaching

  • Triage for Interventions

Kiddo Connected Care Platform