KelaHealth, Inc.


Kela accurately predicts every patient's likelihood of developing a surgical complication, using AI and big data.

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KelaHealth delivers patient-specific predictive insight and risk stratification software to help improve surgical quality and prevent complications.


Accurate Predictions KelaHealth algorithms assess patient risk across 9 major complication categories, for any procedure throughout the surgical journey.

Targeted Recommendations Targeted interventions are recommended based on each patient’s comprehensive risk profile, so each treatment plan is tailored for safer and more cost-effective care.

Predictions tailored from national models to your hospital population KelaHealth algorithms use the latest machine learning technology and are trained on millions of other surgical procedures, interventions and outcomes.

Seamlessly integrated into your workflow After installation, you can start receiving daily insights on your patients such as complication risk, readmission risk, and other patient analytics using secure messaging protocols.