Invenio™: The Next Generation NLP Platform

Wired Informatics

Invenio™: The Next Generation NLP Platform

The NLP solution for extracting & leveraging Knowledge from clinical notes.

Natural Language Processing

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Invenio™ by Wired Informatics offers leading-edge enterprise-ready natural language processing (NLP) technology that efficiently extracts knowledge embedded in unstructured data across the healthcare ecosystem. This knowledge drives meaningful results in real-time by bringing actionable patient data to the forefront.

Today, roughly 80% of EHR systems' data exist as unstructured data, making it extremely difficult to realize its full potential. By combining the power of NLP and machine learning (ML) techniques, Invenio™ provides a scalable knowledge extraction engine for research and commercial product development.

Our statistical machine learning algorithms and models have been specially trained on various clinical notes such as primary care notes, pathology reports, radiology reports, oncology reports, and discharge summaries from multiple departments of major health care institutions, thereby offering unparalleled robustness and accuracy.

Invenio™: The Next Generation NLP Platform