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Patient Engagement/ PHR/Portals

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Get Real Health® InstantPHR® product provides all the tools individuals need to manage their health independently or in collaboration with healthcare professionals. Unlike static portals, an interactive user interface brings health data to life and promotes a collaborative approach to care. InstantPHR® stands apart from other patient portals and personal health records due to its unparalleled functionality and flexibility.


  • Access, track and save all important health information anytime, anywhere, on any device.

  • Manage chronic conditions including diabetes, mental health, and obesity.

  • Download, print, and share important medical files and discharge summaries.

  • Authorize other healthcare providers and caregivers to access and view a patients health records.

  • Securely message healthcare providers.

  • Read educational materials based on patients conditions, medications, and lab results.

  • Set reminders to take medications, and be alerted to upcoming health visits and recommended preventive health measures.

  • Schedule appointments with healthcare providers.