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Patient Monitoring

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InsightIQ presents a synchronized snapshot of the patient’s condition. It organizes and presents on-time information from standalone medical devices, clinical applications, and electronic medical records*. Most importantly, it translates data streams into actionable information based on a health care provider’s established protocols, which allows clinicians to choose wisely and provide patients the right care, at the right time, every time. A user-friendly platform with integrated clinical protocols and visibility provides a pathway to improved compliance and reduced variation in care.

InsightIQ displays clinically relevant information alongside relevant clinical protocols that are configurable to the unit workflows, enabling care providers to accelerate interventions and improve patient outcomes. Continuous monitoring of patient populations on a single platform allows clinicians to make informed decisions on rapid response for groups identified as at-risk patients and allows them to potentially prevent unexpected escalation-of-care. Adopting innovative and cutting-edge technologies like InsightIQ provides clinicians with improved access to data, enabling them the ability to spend more time providing direct care to patients.


  • Aggregates data from systems, including EHRs, to paint a comprehensive picture of the patient based on the care provider’s desired protocols

  • Continuous surveillance and visual display of a defined patient data

  • Allows clinicians to prioritize patients deemed most critical by digitizing required standards of care and early warning scores

  • Generates actionable insights to deliver responsive, compliant care across all care areas from bedside to remote monitoring

  • Drives collaborative improvements to eliminate penalties from the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services, decrease hospital complications, reduce the length of stay and remedy “click fatigue”, thereby, positively impacting patient outcomes.


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