InGraph: Population Health Management

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InGraph: Population Health Management

Most powerful population health management tool available

Analytics Population Health Management

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InGraph is the most intuitive healthcare analytics offering for population management health strategies in the industry. It is also the most customizable. With InGraph, track any metrics you want. You have a wide array of analytics at your fingertips, with more than 250 quality, utilization, and cost measures, risk models, and episodes supported with capability to build your measures whenever you want.

  • Identify at-risk patients.

  • Examine high-utilization measures and cost-drivers.

  • Track underlying utilization patterns.

  • Monitor adherence to medication.

One-click upload to an automated and collaborative workflow for filling missing gaps. You can easily go from simplified reporting to tapping deeper into any detail of your network and drill down to any facility or patient.

  • Single-click uploads and downloads.

  • Automated quality measurement.

  • Collaborative workflows for your teams.

  • Manual entry of skip logic, tickets, and notes.

  • Rich filter interface with multiple views.

  • GPRO and MIPS compliant.

InGraph: Population Health Management