Infinx Medical Billing Solution

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Infinx Medical Billing Solution

Collect more revenue with increased proficiency and expertise, and guaranteed accuracy

Medical Billing Revenue Cycle Management PCM (Patient Care Management)

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We bring to your practice - accurate entry of patient demographic data, assignment of relevant medical codes to the service delivered, and calculation of charges for the services rendered.


Charge Entry:

By having a specialized solution that works seamlessly with your team and facilitates detailed data entry, comprehensive charge capture, and the constant discovery and elimination of errors, you can directly impact reimbursement for your bottom line.

Payment Posting:

With Infinx, we make sure that staffing levels are based on patient volume and workflow rather than static capacity numbers.

Credit Balance Resolution:

Our expert team of billing professionals will identify and resolve outstanding credit issues within regulatory guidelines, and our automated medical billing processes ensure that payment duplications, incorrect billing, and coding inaccuracies are minimized going forward.

Contract Management:

We track payments, time them, and help capture you more revenue.

Infinx Medical Billing Solution