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INFINITT Versity Dental Platform

Enterprise imaging solution for academic environments

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The INFINITT Versity Dental Platform is a versatile and comprehensive imaging solution for academic environments that consolidates and integrates 2D and 3D image information and data from all dental imaging modalities, regardless of the variety and number of vendors. It offers an enterprise image and data archive, along with a centralized management system that allows viewing on existing systems or the PACS viewer provided by the platform.

Moreover, the platform’s ability to convert proprietary image formats to DICOM, support 2D and 3D viewing, and be accessed from EXAN axiUm or EPIC Wisdom system is a significant advantage. It also offers secure transmission of images and data to remote facilities. The INFINITT Versity Dental Platform includes centralized storage and management of all DICOM and non-DICOM data, information lifecycle management to automate purging and data mobility based on site-specific rules, and multiple reporting options, such as dictation, transcription, and speech recognition. Additionally, the platform enables storage management of an STL file with the patient’s history, further enhancing the clinical workflow.

INFINITT Dental PACS, which is an on-site, web-based PACS, facilitates the viewing of digital images and information across the dental enterprise. It interfaces with all dental imaging software and EDRs to create an integrated viewing environment with advanced visualization and analysis tools. Dental PACS is available as an on-premises or cloud-based solution and can adapt to your cloud adoption strategy. It is a robust and user-friendly PACS solution that effectively streamlines the clinical workflow and enhances the clinical productivity of dental practices.

Lastly, Xelis Dental, an advanced 3D reconstruction software, can be used independently or with INFINITT Dental PACS to provide precise measurements and anatomical information on oral and maxillofacial structures. It is an advanced tool that can be used for comprehensive diagnosis and treatment planning.

Overall, the INFINITT Versity Dental Platform, INFINITT Dental PACS, and Xelis Dental provide a comprehensive and integrated solution for dental imaging, management, and analysis. These platforms are suitable for academic environments, offer robust features, and are highly customizable to meet specific clinical needs.

INFINITT Versity Dental Platform

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