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Care management that personalizes care and integrates teams

Patient Engagement/ PHR/Portals Care Coordination Electronic Health Records (EHRs)

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InCare is the industry’s most advanced care management and coordinated care offering. It provides a wide range of solutions to help care teams simplify redundant tasks, bridge care, and coding gaps, improve patient engagement, and deliver better care outcomes.

  • Reduce manual efforts and focus on your patients, while InCare handles everything else.

  • Gain a holistic picture of your patients. Track each patient’s care from start to finish with care and ensure a frictionless care journey.

  • Configure assessments and care protocols. Notify health coaches about any event within 24 hours with InCare, thus allowing access to real-time information.

  • Bridge communication gaps when you are in the field. Connect with patients and peers on the fly with InCare mobile workflow manager.