Impact Advisors Telehealth and Virtual Care Services

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Impact Advisors Telehealth and Virtual Care Services

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Impact Advisors Telehealth and Virtual Care Services provide a comprehensive solution for healthcare organizations seeking to establish telehealth or other virtual care solutions. Virtual care needs are complex, and successful implementation requires a multi-faceted strategy that takes into account the needs of operations, clinical, technology, legal, compliance, vendors, payers, and government stakeholders.

Many healthcare organizations have implemented telehealth or virtual care solutions hastily, without fully understanding the implications of their choices. Impact Advisors provides experienced virtual care experts who can guide healthcare organizations through every step of the process, from strategic planning to execution, to improve virtual care capabilities, stay competitive, and expand patient access.

Impact Advisors Telehealth and Virtual Care Services offer a range of valuable features to help healthcare organizations optimize their virtual care offerings. These include:

  • Comparison of virtual care offerings to others in the market to identify best practices and opportunities for improvement.

  • Guidance on determining an appropriate budget and leadership needs for virtual care implementation.

  • Assistance in collecting accurate data and reports to measure the value of virtual care.

  • Support in establishing appropriate ROI and business models for virtual care.

  • Expertise in interpreting the complexities associated with compliance, fraud, malpractice, legal, regulatory, and reimbursement requirements for virtual care.

  • Evaluation of accessibility and usability for different patient populations to ensure that virtual care solutions are inclusive and effective.

Overall, Impact Advisors Telehealth and Virtual Care Services provide healthcare organizations with a comprehensive solution for implementing and optimizing virtual care offerings. With their experienced virtual care team and range of valuable features, healthcare organizations can confidently navigate the complex virtual care landscape and provide high-quality care to patients.

Impact Advisors Telehealth and Virtual Care Services

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