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Behavioral Health Data and Information

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When people take proactive steps for better health, healthcare organizations get healthier. Icario Data Enrichment combines your member data with ours to turn lines on a spreadsheet into living, breathing people. Our proprietary behavioral research and quantitative data advance your knowledge of members from clinical to deeply personal.

Intelligently match the right messages, channels, and outreach sequences to each individual to drive the right health actions. Leverage our loyalty and member satisfaction know-how to drive positive behavior change and boost plan performance.


  • Quality & Risk - Intelligently motivating people to do good things for their health that improves quality and drives plan performance.

  • Connecting to Care - Engaging members with specific health needs, then moving them to appropriate care with personalized engagement.

  • Member Experience - Raising the bar on member satisfaction by gaining valuable insights and driving health action.

Icario Connect