IBM Watson Assistant for Health Benefits


IBM Watson Assistant for Health Benefits

Drive accurate and personalized member interactions with a cost-effective engagement solution

Health Planning Technical Assistance

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IBM® Watson® Assistant for Health Benefits can drive fast, dynamic and personalized interactions with your members at scale. It answers real-world questions about complex health plan benefits quickly and easily, which is easy to understand in natural language.

The service is designed to understand the logic of health plan eligibility rules and incorporate them into the conversation, enabling improved interaction with each member or provider that engages the service. Over time, the Watson-based service learns, adapts, and improves - further optimizing your member’s experience.


  • Always available to interact with your members, enabling them to get the personalized information they need, when and where they need it.

  • Providers calling into member services for their patient’s benefits and coverage will get the same fast, individualized and accurate information their patient, your member, is getting.

IBM Watson Assistant for Health Benefits