IBM - Clinical Decision Support


IBM - Clinical Decision Support

Clinical decision support software solutions with AI

Clinical Decision Support

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Clinical decision support (CDS) solutions from IBM Watson Health leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver information that aids the efficient delivery of personalized, evidence-based care. With electronic health record (EHR) integration and mobile-friendly options, healthcare providers can access critical insights that help inform clinical decision-making in the clinic or on the go.

Fragmented patient data and rapidly-evolving science has made it hard for clinicians to obtain critical insights that can help inform clinical decision making. Watson AI helps efficiently surface relevant data from within the EHR or the latest evidence-based medical literature leading to informed decisions and better care experiences.


Confident Decision Making

Inform diagnosis and treatment decisions with the latest evidence-based insights.

Greater Efficiency

Leverage AI and EHR integration to expedite access to clinical information.

Better Care Experiences

Facilitate personalized, evidence-based care potentially leading to greater patient satisfaction.

IBM - Clinical Decision Support