Hospital Integration

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Hospital Integration

The interface engine solution that provides a future-proof integration strategy

Integration Engines Interoperability

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The eiPlatform Integration Engine supports all current healthcare standards. It also provides the flexibility to handle any future standards with native support for XML and extensible architecture. PilotFish also offers the only commercially supported HL7 interface engine that lets you leverage open source components with Open APIs, so extensibility is effectively limitless.

PilotFish supports integration with any EHR system, medical device, database, or application, for which out of the box interfaces do not exist. Using PilotFish integration can be accomplished faster and more cost-effectively.

PilotFishs investment in modern architecture and an advanced development environment for healthcare integration allows us to help you rapidly build and deploy interfaces. We invite you to see for yourself what we can do for you within days of our receiving sample data formats of the systems you wish to integrate.

Hospital Integration