Hosix Clinic for Doctors


Hosix Clinic for Doctors

This module allows the doctors to record and structure the clinical information of their patients.

Electronic Patient Record (EPR) Clinical Information Systems

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This module allows the doctor to record and structure the clinical information of their patients, make notes regarding medical care, obtain the required documentation for their daily work, and make requests directly while viewing their patients' clinical history.

From the “Doctors” module, you access the work area, from which the doctor will carry out the following processes:

Work List: This list shows all the patients who are associated with the doctor or his service grouped by the type of episode (admitted, consultation, emergency, etc.)

Patient history management: The system has a module where the patient’s different antecedents can be recorded, whether they are family, personal, lifestyle, etc.

This module facilitates the creation of scales and personalized questionnaires such as the Bartel, Norton scale, probe questionnaire, etc.

Hosix Clinic for Doctors