HMS9900 Multi-Parameter Vital Signs Monitor


HMS9900 Multi-Parameter Vital Signs Monitor

A device with remote self-examination function

Remote Patient Monitoring Chronic Care Management

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HMS9900’s examination report can be uploaded to the Cloud Health platform, which ensures the health data can be real-time uploaded and achieves remote health service interaction. Application range: community service station, physical examination center, clinic, enterprise, health club, bank, apartment for the elderly and pharmacy, etc.


  • Self-examination: Integrated examination, self-service measurement

  • Multi-data collection: Standard parameters: ECG, NIBP, SpO2, temperature, weight, blood glucose, routine urine, lung function

  • Network mode: Wired, Wi-Fi, 3G

  • Login by multi-mode: Phone number, health card

  • Cloud storage: Data measured can be uploaded to Cloud Health platform, safe and private to manage health archives, convenient to inquire anywhere anytime.

HMS9900 Multi-Parameter Vital Signs Monitor