Hinge Health Computer Vision Technology

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Hinge Health Computer Vision Technology

Precision movement tracking for personalized MSK care

Digital Technology

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Only Hinge Health computer vision technology measures human movement across 87 points on the body. Hinge Health is pioneering a new standard in advanced motion technology by offering both wearable sensors and computer vision technology to track movement during exercise therapy programs. With access to both technologies, participants get feedback across a wide range of activities and movements, and their care teams have additional opportunities to monitor and personalize care.

Real-time feedback to correct form and build confidence during daily exercise therapy. Full-body assessments of strength, balance, and flexibility as users progress through the program.

Motion Assessments

Objectively measure functional ability across strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance.

Expanded Exercise Tracking

The combination of computer vision and wearable sensors enables the widest range and measurement of full-body exercises.

Enhanced Clinical Care Programs

Care for difficult-to-treat areas, such as the head, neck, and hands.

Hinge Health Computer Vision Technology