HeartFlow FFRCT Analysis

HeartFlow, Inc.

HeartFlow FFRCT Analysis

At the intersection of health and technology, HeartFlow leverages advanced technology and applies it to healthcare


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The HeartFlow FFRCT Analysis is a personalized cardiac test indicated for use in clinically stable symptomatic patients with coronary artery disease. HeartFlow leverages advanced technology and applies it to healthcare. With the HeartFlow FFRCT Analysis, HeartFlow drives towards a new standard of care for the diagnosis and management of coronary artery disease, the number one killer worldwide.

To date, more than 60,000 patients worldwide have received a HeartFlow Analysis. The momentum is growing with partners in major healthcare systems and local communities bringing HeartFlow to their patients.

Why HeartFlow Matters?

  • Built on 400+ publications; 360 patents and decades of R&D and clinical research.

  • Improving outcomes, lowering costs, and supporting a better patient experience.

  • Leveraging advanced technology, including artificial intelligence, deep learning, and cloud computing.

  • Cleared for use in the US, Canada, Europe, and Japan.

HeartFlow FFRCT Analysis

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