HealthViewX - Digital Health Management


HealthViewX - Digital Health Management

Holistic, contextualized care that extends beyond your clinic

Digital Health

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Transform your care delivery and exponentially increase your patient engagement through a comprehensive integrated digital healthcare ecosystem. There is a global need for a cutting-edge digital Chronic and Post-Acute Care Management system and we, at HealthViewX, have built just that! HealthViewX combines technological innovation with transformation services to give patients the care they need, when and where they need it.


Intuitive Analytics in Real-time

Stay ahead of the process with comprehensive reports. It allows providers to view patient compliance data graphically, and retrieve information on immediate actionable items. (i.e) to identify patients for whom the care plans are yet to be created; to identify high-risk patients, and other aspects of care delivery.

Personalized Care Plan

Facilitates care by customizing and executing individualized care plans for each patient in a population without any hassle. It enables appointment reminders and compliance metrics tracking. It also has the ability to connect to wearable/health devices and share data via multi-functional patient apps.

Patient and Disease Management

Patients with high-risk conditions such as heart failure or chronic pain require constant interaction with the care team to improve their health. Our platform is designed to have a structured and continuous interaction between the care team and the patient.

HealthViewX - Digital Health Management