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Maximize the value of your data and meet CMS requirements


Do you know anyone using HealthUnity?

HealthUnity-ZeOmega’s interoperability solution-is a comprehensive interoperability platform that supports the next generation of health value products. We provide scalable solutions for payer-provider collaboration, lowering administrative burden, and meeting industry compliance requirements.

ZeOmega has deep interoperability experience collaborating with a variety of payers, providers, and vendors through HL7’s DaVinci Project and other FHIR accelerators. Together, we have pioneered the industry’s interoperability standards and use cases. HealthUnity fully supports the required technical standards, data sets, implementation guides, and use cases for interoperability and exceeds requirements of the CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Final Rule.

HealthUnity empowers health plans to capitalize on their existing infrastructure investments by adapting their data and workflows to align with technologies required to participate in the 21st century healthcare ecosystem using universal, real-time connectivity.