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Healthlink Advisors Enterprise Analytics

Enterprise-wide analytics means producing meaningful information to measure the organization’s strategic objectives


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Healthlink Advisors Enterprise Analytics is a powerful tool designed to help healthcare organizations manage their ever-increasing volume of data. Effective data management is essential to optimizing organizational performance and driving transformation. Healthlink Advisors believes in treating data as an enterprise asset, harnessing its power to achieve better outcomes for patients and organizations. The platform provides enterprise-wide analytics, offering meaningful information to measure an organization’s strategic objectives and incorporating innovative techniques and technologies.

Establishing or maturing enterprise-wide analytic programs can be complex, as business units often have their own team of analysts producing a subset of analytics. It is critical for long-term success that an enterprise analytics team is dedicated to establishing data rules to guide and enhance existing business unit analytic capabilities. Healthlink Advisors works closely with its clients to identify new ways to utilize data and information to accelerate their data maturity and drive strategic performance for improved outcomes.

The platform offers a range of features to enhance enterprise-wide analytics delivery, including best practices for team structure, roles and responsibilities, and skill sets. It also provides agile-based workflows and tools to automate data management best practices, as well as operational design focused on prioritizing and addressing analytics that will deliver noticeable impact. With Healthlink Advisors Enterprise Analytics, healthcare organizations can effectively manage and leverage their data to achieve better outcomes for patients and organizations.

Healthlink Advisors Enterprise Analytics

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