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Support end-to-end care coordination

Care Coordination

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Closing the loop on referrals for social services requires more than just technology. Without the infrastructure in place to ensure accountability in the delivery of social services, members fall through the cracks. At Healthify, we build the infrastructure to support end-to-end care coordination across our networks of healthcare and community-based organizations.


  • Search for validated and curated resources - Scattered and outdated resource information creates inefficiencies in finding and connecting clients to vital resources.

  • Coordinate and track bidirectional referrals across the network - Our referral management capabilities improve operational efficiency by allowing bidirectional referrals between partners in the network. Clinical and nonclinical organizations can send and receive referrals, and track the status of those referrals throughout the care continuum - all within the Healthify platform or your EHR.

  • Track and measure the impact of SDoH interventions - With our robust reporting suite, your organization and network partners can track SDoH trends across your community and measure the impact of interventions.

  • Augment current workflows with platform integrations - Using multiple platforms to coordinate care can be disruptive to current organizational workflows and systems, which is why we prioritize platform interoperability.

Healthify Platform