HealtHIE Nevada Services

HealtHIE Nevada

HealtHIE Nevada Services

Share patient records quickly, securely, and accurately.

Health Information Exchange

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HealtHIE Nevada can improve the quality of care you deliver by reducing time spent searching for medical records, mitigating duplicate testing, and facilitating better care coordination, all of which increase patient satisfaction and help achieve better health outcomes.

  • HealtHIE Nevada gives your doctor a quick and easy way to see your health information. Health information can be lab, X-rays, and other test results that make up your medical history.
  • As your information becomes available, the HIE will quickly send your data to your doctors. A complete medical history lets your doctor make faster and more correct choices when caring for you.
  • When your doctors share your medical history, they can manage your care better. Specialists will have the information they need faster.
  • The HIE is safe and secure and can only be seen by the people caring for you.
HealtHIE Nevada Services