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HealthEC Population Health Management

Connect the entire healthcare team and leverage value-based care with data-driven insights and actions plans

Population Health Management

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A successful transition from fee-for-service to value-based care demands that all healthcare organizations have big-picture data that allows them to make informed decisions that both improve patient care and reduce unnecessary costs. A comprehensive population health management solution that aggregates claims, clinical and SDoH data from multiple sources, delivers key insights into the cost drivers and quality measures that impact performance is required in order to deliver the necessary result.


  • Conquer system chaos with a Universal Data Repository of normalized claims and clinical data

  • Eliminate workflow disruption with integrated, customizable care plans and decision-support tools

  • Inform strategies with actionable insights at the diagnosis, provider, practice, and organizational levels, presented in clear dashboards

  • Enable effective payer-provider collaboration with a shared view of quality measures and value-based performance

HealthEC Population Health Management