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Healthcare Data Analytics Solutions

Improve Patient Well-being and Optimize Resource Utilization

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Menerva Software’s custom healthcare data analytics solutions offer insights that help healthcare providers make better decisions about patient care and improve the quality of care provided. It helps them to predict the risk of chronic diseases allowing in time preventive care. The data-driven insights also help predict and optimize the utilization of resources in hospitals and clinics. There are several use cases where data-driven insights can help improve healthcare institutions improve patient well being.


  • Patient Health Dashboards: Make better decisions about patient care, improve the quality of patient care

  • Hospital/Clinic Resources Allocation: Manage multiple usages of assets and allocation of resources with custom utilization dashboards

  • Optimize/Predict Resource Utilization: Predict how resources will be utilized in the future and optimize them

  • Data based Alerts & Diagnostics: Track patient data in real time. Monitor patients and respond quickly to any changes in condition

  • Prescription Compliance: Monitor and improve medication adherence rates of your patients

  • Medication Effectiveness: Use historical data to improve therapy effectiveness

  • Predicting Readmission Risk: Predict patients at risk of returning and reduce readmissions

  • Predicting Risk of Chronic Conditions: Predict the risk of chronic diseases and provide in time preventive care

Healthcare Data Analytics Solutions

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