HealthArc's Remote Patient Monitoring

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HealthArc's Remote Patient Monitoring

HealthArc’s integrated approach to remote patient monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring

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HealthArc’s RPM healthcare software platform coupled with always connected cellular RPM devices enable physician groups to improve outcomes for thousands of patients and generate healthy additional revenues in the process. HealthArc is a one-stop solution for Health Providers to support their patients with an easy & efficient Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and enhance patient care.

Integrates with your EHR and Connected Devices

HealthArc integrates seamlessly with top 55 EHRs in the marketplace. Beyond EHRs, HealthArc can integrate with any device that enables external APIs including Bluetooth or cellular devices.

Supports Multiple Conditions

HealthArc is designed to enhance the health standards and help you meet the needs of patient holistically, with robust disease views that clinicians can seamlessly switch between for Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Failure, Liver Disease, cardiovascular Disease, Pulmonary Disease, Obesity, and many more.

Enhances Clinical Decision Support

HealthArc combines data from connected devices & clinical data of the patients to drive patient-specific clinical insights and actions through embedded clinical decisions support. This results in instant alerts, timely interventions, effective health management and reduction in hospitalization.

Maintains High Standards of Privacy and Data Security

HealthArc employs a dedicated Security & Compliance team to ensure a privacy-by-design approach integrated across our people, systems, and third parties. All our components are HIPAA compliant including the patient interaction module that supports SMS and in-App Messaging.

HealthArc's Remote Patient Monitoring

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