Health Wealth Safe's Remote Patient Monitoring

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Health Wealth Safe's Remote Patient Monitoring

Increase revenue for your healthcare services

Remote Patient Monitoring

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If you’re wondering about ways to increase revenues in your medical practice, give our customized, turn-key RPM service a shot. View your patient dashboard to review health data from patient devices while they are out of the office. Get head-on tips to get your healthcare practice back on track with an organized notification system that works for you and your patients.

RPM is the use of modern-day digital advancements to monitor and record medical and other health data from patients. The program sends out free healthcare devices to patients to help facilitate the management of health conditions that can be monitored directly from HWS’s office. All of this information can be electronically transferred to the servers of healthcare providers for assessment. If needed, patients can be advised with necessary instructions for a better health system. This technology allows physicians to regularly track healthcare data for patients. It also encourages patients to govern more authority of their health status.


  • Reduced Costs for Chronic Health Conditions

Treatment of chronic conditions sums up an enormous amount of the economic burden on the healthcare system. Prolonged treatments for chronic conditions include financial and physical strains. Fortunately, these programs can help manage chronic conditions, with regular measurement of physiologic data, communication, and feedback. Additionally, we provide your patients with blood pressure monitors and other similar devices to remotely monitor chronic conditions and analyze the data set.

  • Financial Benefits for RPM

Practitioners are finding this virtual method to be enticing as a safe and effective process for maintaining healthcare services to their most vulnerable patients. Critical illnesses (heart complications or COPD patients) are being served better with RPM. Thanks to the collaboration of CMS and myRemoteCheckup, physicians can now receive upto $2000 per patient per year by offering remote healthcare services. Hence, without any additional investments, you are being able to cater to patients in a better manner generating more revenue for your practice.

  • Linking Physicians + Patients

The benefits of this process extend its wings to providing solutions to both physicians and patients. Physicians can now keep their wards healthier through simplified means of monitoring allowing people to reduce the need to leave their homes. They don’t need to travel to a practice center to receive the services provided via remote patient home monitoring. This process allows patients and physicians to come under the same roof and be active participants in healthcare regimes.

  • Reducing the Number of Hospitalizations

With routine checkups and electronic devices getting available at individual homes through the goodwill of RPM, patients are having to be admitted at hospitals much less than before. Not only does this save up on time and effort, it even benefits patients from loads of medical costs and expenditure.

Health Wealth Safe's Remote Patient Monitoring

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