Health Information Exchange Services

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Health Information Exchange Services

An effective system that's beneficial to existing processes

Health Information Exchange (HIE)

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Central to the Health Information Exchange are patient-centered care and continuity of care. This forms a win-win for all the stakeholders in the long run. The quality of information shared and timeliness and cost-effectiveness help all involved a trusted and effective system, beneficial to existing processes.

The current successful implementation of HIEs, though, gives mixed feedbacks. A consensus is forming about the overall effectiveness of the HIEs. ARRA has been playing a big role in accelerating the creation of new HIEs. Integrating and latest information available at the point-of-care ensures improved patient and clinician experience and evidence-based care.

With the EHRs becoming an integral part of most practices, through the EHR incentive program or meaningful use, the exchange of information context can be considered for all except Ad Hoc.

Health Information Exchange Services