Health Gorilla's Data Platform

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Health Gorilla's Data Platform

An FHIR-native data platform to aggregate data, deploy your products, and scale quickly

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Health Gorilla’s data platform serves as the back-end for healthcare products, allowing you to store and retrieve clinical data for your applications. Unlock the value of your data by consolidating clinical data from multiple data sources into our platform and making it actionable.

Enterprise-Wide Data Aggregation

Aggregate clinical data from our APIs or from your own data sources regardless of the format.

Data Enrichment

Automatically match disparate data to a single patient, remove duplicate data, consolidate multiple CCDs into 1 CCD, and normalize data into FHIR resources.

Secure Storage

Data is securely stored, reducing the storage and technical burden on the customer. Clients can export or retrieve consolidated CCDs individually or in bulk.

Health Gorilla's Data Platform