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Health Fidelity's NLP Engine

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Health Fidelity simplifies risk adjustment, offering risk-bearing organizations clear visibility into and control over the process. Through our NLP-powered solutions and expert advisory services, we uncover insights that enable better care plans and more complete revenue capture.

Health Fidelity’s NLP engine, Lumanent Insights, works for both payers and providers to create a more holistic view into patient populations. Getting these critical insights into a community’s health status offers numerous benefits, including the keys to improve a patients health. With NLP, volume and maturity through specific training is everything.

That’s why Lumanent Insights is in a category of one, having processed over 139.2 million separate clinical records, (approximately 2.8 billion pages of material) while supporting 9.6 million lives with a greater than 95% success rate for capturing the correct risk category.

Health Fidelity's NLP Engine