Heallify EHR

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Heallify EHR

Easy-to-use EHR that will boost your patient outcomes & efficiency

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

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Minimise data entries, streamline workflows, and securely save, update and access patient records and medical notes on a dynamic cloud-based EHR.


Capture Patient Records Swiftly and Easily

With Heallify, get access to hundreds of templates for capturing patient records built by health practitioners just like you. Choose your preferred format to minimise data entries and quickly capture patient information for maximum visibility.

Get Instant Access to Patient Health Records

Heallify is a cloud-based EHR with unlimited storage for patient records. Use the platform to securely capture and save patient data and access it instantly during clinic and web-consultations in just a few seconds.

Build Customized Workflows to Simplify Your Practice

Every practice is different. That’s why we have designed a fully customisable and scalable EHR platform that adjusts and grows with your practice. Use Heallify to build custom workflows to simplify organisational tasks and save precious time that you can use to heal your patients.

Heallify EHR