Halcyon™ System

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Halcyon™ System

Fast and high-quality treatment and the comfort & convenience your patients need - to win the fight against cancer

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Optimized Image-Guided Radiotherapy:

Engineered to simplify and enhance virtually every aspect of image-guided volumetric IMRT.

New Generation Dual-Layer Multileaf Collimator:

Unique MLC design enables high modulation with low leakage for every field or arc.

High-Speed Treatment:

RPM gantry speed, RapidArc delivery at 2 RPM, and fast MLC motion enables quality treatments at unprecedented speed.

Improved Workflow Efficiency:

Standardized workflows are easy to master so clinicians can spend more time with patients.

Patient-Centered Comfort and Safety:

The quiet system with smooth motion and easy access keeps patients relaxed and focused.

Simple to Use:

Image and treat in just nine steps - and stay focused on your patients.

Halcyon™ System