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The Hailie™ solution is always by your side to help you manage your respiratory condition

Healthcare Innovation Medication Management

Do you know anyone using Hailie™?

The Hailie™ solution provides people who live with asthma or COPD with the tools to help manage their condition and empowers them to take control of their health day by day.

Clinical studies show that using the Hailie™ sensor for asthma management increases adherence to controller medications and reduces exacerbations in adults and children.

How it Works:

Select your Hailie™ Sensor:

Select the Hailie™ sensor that matches your medication.

Download the Hailie™ App:

Install the Hailie™ app onto your mobile device and complete your account setup.

Pair via Bluetooth® Wireless:

Pair the Hailie™ sensor with the Hailie™ app on your mobile device by following step-by-step instructions.

Start Tracking Your Usage:

Set up reminders and track your medication usage to help manage your respiratory condition.