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Prism will be used by Healthcare Providers to enhance standard of care clinical outcomes

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The GrayMatters Prism is a unique neurofeedback device designed to enhance the standard of care for clinical outcomes. It utilizes a proprietary Amygdala-fMRI-guided model for processing EEG signals, producing a real-time Amygdala-derived-EFP biomarker signal. The device uses this signal to train patients in downregulating their Amygdala-derived-EFP biomarker during neurofeedback.

To develop this technology, GrayMatters Prism used concurrent EEG and fMRI data from multiple sessions where the fMRI and EEG were synchronized. From this unique dataset, a patient-generic EFP (EEG fMRI pattern) biomarker was created using a proprietary model.

The EFP model was then embedded in Prism forming an EEG neurofeedback device (no fMRI needed) that can be used to train patients to regulate the EFP biomarker signal. The therapy includes 15 thirty-minute sessions, conducted twice a week for a period of 8 weeks (about 2 months). This design makes Prism suitable for use in any clinic.

Prism’s first-to-market solution for PTSD is promising software as a medical device for the treatment of PTSD as an adjunct to standard of care. PTSD affects about 250 million people worldwide, but treatments are often lacking and can lead to long-lasting side effects. In a multi-center clinical trial in five medical centers in the USA and Israel, Prism for PTSD was validated. During therapy, patients learn to downregulate their amygdala-derived-EFP signal and control their PTSD symptoms under the supervision of a healthcare provider.

The GrayMatters Prism is a cutting-edge neurofeedback device that utilizes fMRI data to improve EEG processing. The device’s unique EFP biomarker signal enables patients to receive personalized training to downregulate the amygdala-derived-EFP signal, making it a promising solution for treating PTSD as an adjunct to standard of care therapy.

GrayMatters Prism

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