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Glorium Medical Billing Software Development

Glorium Medical Billing Software Development

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Glorium Technologies builds customized web or mobile-based medical billing and coding software that allows businesses to receive payments and process other financial operations quickly and in a pain-free manner. There is a certain set of features medical billing software usually possesses. Some of the above-mentioned features are for realizations of the MVP version of products, the others go beyond that.


  • Appointment Scheduling

While this is not a major function of typical medical billing software. However, modern billing systems often combine the possibility of making an appointment online with the billing options.

  • Patient Pre-Registration

A patient account is being put into the system. The medical billing software includes the option of pre-registration.

  • Medical Claim Management

Medical billing software automates the claim process and reduces the risks both for the facility and for the patients. The features a traditional billing app or a platform includes are digital claims, their monitoring, and the availability to track the claim history.

  • Automated Coding

Medical billing and coding software includes a big set of treatment courses as the number of details is really big and complex to process manually. Therefore, the billing software automates the coding of treatment details for the patients who are included in the system.

  • Encryption, Compliance, and Security

Medical billing management needs to be done in software that is compliant with all governmental privacy laws, and HIPAA/GDPR regulations, and Glorium Technologies is keen on providing just that.

  • Reporting

Custom medical billing platforms generate tons of reports based on data analysis. This analysis usually includes the history of claims, as well as their current state.

  • User-Friendly Interface

Not all healthcare workers are tech professionals. That’s why aside from including all the core features, it is vital to keep the solution for convenient use of not the most tech-savvy people.

  • Payment Methods Integration

The ability to accept credit card payments is critical for medical billing software. This is the most common way of making transactions for the patients. We add other ways of payment as well.

  • Support/Maintenance of the Solution

Medical Billing software development companies also offer maintenance services for the solution. That way they can quickly fix any bugs/errors that might occur and have the potential for serious repercussions.

Glorium Medical Billing Software Development

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