GIThrive Platform

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GIThrive Platform

GIThrive is a comprehensive digital health program for the relief of digestive conditions and improvement of gut health

Digital Health

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Personalized, 247 support at your fingertips through our all-in-one platform. The digestive system is deeply connected to every function of the human body. Gut health is intrinsically linked to everything from immunity to psychological well-being. Digestive diseases and conditions create serious challenges to a person’s physical health and overall quality of life.

Comprehensive Digital Platform

GIThrive is our all-in-one technology platform. By using a holistic approach, we provide more actionable insights than ever to help your members manage their digestive conditions.

Expert Insights & Guidance

Members get 24/7 support from nurses, a registered dietitian, and a Health Coach, who are in turn supported by a multidisciplinary team of pharmacists, research psychologists, microbiome scientists, and gastroenterology professionals.

GutCheck Microbiome Analysis

When GIThrive members send in their GutCheck, it starts a conversation. The Care Team gets a clear view of a member’s individual gut chemistry to help guide personalized care plans.

Monitoring & Analysis

Our all-in-one solution combines nutrition education, one-on-one coaching, symptom monitoring, and individualized analysis to reduce dependence on specialty medications, increase quality of life, and prevent costly flare-ups.

GIThrive Platform