GetWell Rounds+

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GetWell Rounds+

Give your clinicians a running start with our best in KLAS digital patient rounding tool to provide the best care for each patient

Digital Rounding

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GetWell Rounds+ is the number 1 KLAS ranked digital rounding, reporting and real-time service recovery solution, designed to streamline data collection and reduce documentation time. Data captured during rounding automatically triggers real-time alerts on service recovery issues, giving nurses the ability to triage tasks to appropriate departments.


  • Hardwire best practices in rounding

  • Increase speed-to-insight and uncover root cause of feedback

  • Guide clinicians on what to talk about with best practice templates

  • Increase efficiency and empower staff

  • Create insights through robust data collection and reporting

  • “Close the loop” on service requests

  • Improve quality of interactions between clinicians and patients

  • Automatically triage requests to the appropriate team

GetWell Rounds+