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Freshworks Healthcare CRM

Manage appointments, keep track of patient records, and retain patients by building trust with a healthcare CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

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Freshworks CRM is the best and intuitive healthcare software that works right out of the box and can sync seamlessly with your healthcare environment. Ace patient tracking by engaging with them using personalized and informative newsletters about their illness.

Freshworks CRM provides multiple pipelines that allow you to customize the billing process for each department. You could also create a separate pipeline for doctors to calculate their commissions for each treatment performed.


  • Syncing with calendar to schedule and view upcoming appointments with the doctor.
  • Set newsletter sequences based on activity or time-based triggers.
  • Automatically select recipients based on illnesses.
  • Schedule email delivery time.
  • Repetitive tasks such as sending appointment confirmation emails, invoice generation.
  • Appointment reminders to patients and doctors.
  • Patient management tasks such as notifying the doctor with the patient details and timings as soon as an appointment is booked.
Freshworks Healthcare CRM